So if you are a sci-fi nerd and or a Doctor who fan like me or a Star Wars or Star Trek fan or not or maybe you just once in a while day dreamer of what it would be like for humans to form habitats on a planets currently deemed as inhabitable due to the atmospheric conditions. You would love where we are justatadbitrandom went on holiday

Key in drum roll please … TROPICAL ISLAND BERLIN, yes a tropical island in Berlin, yes in Germany, yes even when it’s winter the tropical island still exist and no I am not on something and yes a place like that exist, if you don’t believe me, click here and when you are done, you can geek out/ Freak out for a bit.

Done? So where was I, yes a TROPICAL ISLAND in Berlin in a DOME, to be more accurate one of the biggest airship hanger in the world but to me A DOME, A DOME …..A DOME

Doesn’t that blow your mind, for me it takes me to comics and every science fiction movie or series where a character will live in or visit a city on a floating rock in space or a city in dome on a plant with deadly toxins for air but let me stop geeking out here.

Back to Tropical Island Berlin, it is an amazing resort in a dome( had to say it again lol) about 60km from Berlin’s city centre. The resort is super affordable and amazing. It is equipped with a tropical weather of an air temperature is 26 °C and air humidity of about 64% all year round , tropical plants, a few tropical animals such as flamingos, a beach with the most epic sky line backdrop that works perfectly for day and night, hot pools, pool, spas, awesome water slides, games, hot air balloons and a killer play ground trust me I tried it out don’t judge me lol. I can go on but I will just let the little picture library at the end of his post try to convey how amazing this place is.

 As for the accommodation available, tropical island has various accommodation options inside and outside the dome. I will leave their web site to tell you more but my favourite are the ones inside the dome which include cabins with in themed building that give you that Indiana jones feel, a luxury tent and a normal tent already set up on a sandy shore. Apart from being awesome to just even look at, the great thing about the accommodation in the dome is you get a free all you can eat breakfast buffet. Also if you book an accommodation you can but your stuff in lockers and enjoy a full day still at the resort on your check out day

 Finally before I leave you to enjoy the slide, one of the coolest thing about tropical island is the wrist bands

Which allow you enjoy the resort and pay for things without the worry of getting your money wet. It is also the key for your locker so you don’t have to worry about loosing keys as you enjoy their amazing water activity.

I hope this slide show can convey just a little how amazing this place is

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