So the saying above is something a very silly younger version of me would never have believed. Back then, I always thought life ended after 21, then you got married, had a baby and then life, really ended only to continue in your infant, A bit dramatic I know and how so wrong I was, because your life only really ends when you decide to stop living or when your heart actually stops beating

And I feel exactly the same way about machines, to me they never really die or loose their relevance until we discard them, move unto the next or they literally stop responding to the power button; the equivalent of their heartbeat stopping.

Take my 2010 Mac, which I have a slightly unhealthy attachment to, all I can say is Silvia has been there for me through thick and thin, she was here with me through every single late night at uni, when I was loosing my mind, we literally went everywhere together

So when Silvia (my 2010 Mac) began to show signs of rainbow beach ball syndrome, My heart broke into pieces as I pondered how was I going to afford a new Silvia, one because as an adult, I could no longer reach out to the bank of daddy and two she is irreplaceable, how could anyone replace Silvia she was one of a kind and mine. And finally how was I going to afford all that uni software that I got for free?

So after a mini breakdown on not being able to get Microsoft word up on Silvia to do a blog post when nothing else was running, I decided that something had to give but replacing Silvia couldn’t be the answer there must be a way and so I went to the place everyone goes in worry; the internet and I found a way. Aren’t you just glad we live in the world of today?

You see after clearing up space and deleting a vast amount of shameful photobooth selfies on Silvia and still the rainbow beach ball. I discovered the next thing I had to do with her RAM(Random Access Memory). There are a lot of posts on Internet explaining in more technical terms what a RAM is.

But I like to think of the RAM as a pair of arms, stay with me, I promise not to make this boring.

So imagine a clown juggling away and you keep adding stuff at some point she will naturally try to slow down in order to concentrate and juggle more stuff, and every time he does a rainbow beachball appears but imagine if the clown had 4 arms or 8 or 16, they increase in doubles (its a computer science trend). she will be able to juggle everything in record speed.

So in Silvia case she was juggling things with just 2 arms but I was telling her to juggle way more than 2 arms could juggle.

But have no fear the Internet is here to help. Did you know that you can upgrade your RAM at home in less that 10 minutes spending between £50-£100

How, you ask, well here are the 4 easy steps.

  • Find out what RAM your Mac needs. This website [here] can give you that exact information.I am doing this for Macs but there will be loads of online help for windows
  • Purchase the RAM (Again websites like this, tell you where you can buy a RAM and if run into shipping issues, Amazon to the rescue)
  • Get a screws driver (Again amazon has got you)
  • Follow, the steps in this link here which are basically, turn off, un screw bottom cover, replace RAM, screw back bottom cover and turn on again

So to wrap up, Here is a vid of me doing this, I have a big tool box but that’s just cause I like to build stuff, you only need one screw driver

Ever since I did this, Silvia moves like a stallion and we have been happier every since #DeathToTheRanbowBeachball