So todays post is for all those late Christmas present shoppers out there, can I get a whoop whoop. Wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care about the next two stressful days you are going to have as you search endlessly on your favourite high street cause on a very positive note Christmas eve is on a Saturday, so you have all day to look for gifts.

I am writing this because I feel your pain and as a fellow last minute shopper, I have decided to compile this list of my top 10 techy Christmas presents, so you can have something in mind apart from socks or ties as you shop for those special people in your life.

I have done this list according to a few personalities; I think we all have in our families or life.

Disclaimer: this is just a list just my opinion. Please feel free to buy anything you want for those special people this Christmas.

  1. For the University student

This gift is the priciest but the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. I would rather this than diamonds this Christmas. The new MAC book pro with the touch bar is a wondrous delight, I would have preferred a bigger RAM and memory for the ready to buy versions but I still think it’s the best gift for a new university student this Christmas.


Price range – £1449 – £2000+

       2. For the Aspiring Iron man

This next gift isn’t quite Jarvis or the Mark Zuckerberg’s built version of Jarvis but I do love this new Home Assistants out now. My favourites are Google home and Amazon echo. I am slightly biased to Google home because in terms of finding information; it’s Google, enough said. However amazon echo is said to be the best for to do list and it supports more home devices. But hopeful Google home with have more of these features later on.

Price range -£120 – £150

3. For the music lover

I have no particular preference on Wireless Speakers, to me they are all great except if the sound quality is really really bad. But Amazon reviews are the best once you see one you like.

Price range – £10+

4. For the one into beauty and take skin care seriously

My sister swears the CLINIQUE Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush changed her skin, not quite sure if that is a hint for a present this christmas but I think they are very cute especially in their gift sets.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 23.12.12.png

Price range – £69 – £90

5. For the fitness fanatic

Nothing like a great Sport Watch for that marathon runner and fit fam member in the family. Apple watch is obviously the fav and the choices from designer to simple straps are great however costly but you can also get other sport watches from £20 on amazon which do basic things like monitor heart rates and count calories.

Price range – £20 – £990

6. For the adventurer

Go Pro or any other brand Action Camera is the obviously choice as a gift for that adrenaline junkie in the family, so their scary antics can be delivered for all the family to watch next year in cool HD video.

Price range – £50 – £350

7. For the artist

There are lots of Art styluses which you can get for the digital artists in the family. But I found the Bamboo notebook particularly cool because it converts hand drawings drawings on paper to digital artworks on your ios device.


Price range – £20 – £105

8. For the one that loves to bake and cook

I was completely blown away by this adorable thing here called Drop, which is an interactive kitchen scale that helps with recipes while you cook or bake.


Price range – £70

9. For the little one

There are so many kids’ tech gadgets out there and I would suggest one but still deciding for my nephews (I told you I was last minute shopper don’t judge me) but amazon and toys R us got us from baby computers to dolls that talk the list is endless.

10. For that person you just have to buy a gift for

I am just going to end this list with everyone needs a Battery Pack


Price range – £5 – £50

Also everything on this list is either get in store or next day delivery on amazon if you order before evening time on the 23rd . See I have your back we are in this together my fellow late Christmas shoppers.

Happy Holidays